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  • The NHL’s top-secret flow chart for handing out suspensions (The Best of Down Goes Brown)
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    this post is everything to me

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    i have slathered my finger in mustard and it looks like i’m bleeding yellow, it’s great

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  • that’s what you get for microwaving tea! wot wot! *tips monocle and drops tea on her lap* FUFFUFUFFFFFFFFFF


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Dale Weise misses a check on Cedric Paquette, sending himself into the box.


    Dale Weise misses a check on Cedric Paquette, sending himself into the box.

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  • Slather some mustard on to draw the heat out after a burn! Works better than cold water.

    HUH. Really? I’ll definitely have to try it! Thanks! C:

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  • Anonymous said:

    My friend and I were discussing the heir problem of DA: O and one thing made us wonder. We read that Anora was supposed to be infertile and that this is the reason behind why Cailan was going to leave her for Empress Celene. However, the entry further said that it was eventually erased from the original script. But, is it still considered as 'canon'? Or is there another reason why Arl Eamon urges Cailan to look for a different bride?


    The plot involving Empress Celene was cut from Dragon Age: Origins, but the story behind it was resurrected for the Return to Ostagar DLC. Whether Anora was actually infertile is unknown. She was believed to be (or, at least, Arl Eamon believed her to be), but then again none of the Theirin boys have been particularly laden with children, so perhaps the problem was Cailin himself. If you’re looking for me to confirm whether this belief was, in fact, the truth, then I’m afraid I won’t do that.

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